Dear colleagues!
On behalf of the board of the Ukrainian Academy of Pediatric Specialties, I invite you to participate in our fifth annual PRIME PEDIATRICS 2023 Congress, which will be held on June 2-4 in a hybrid format.

The war has changed our life, but life goes on. Despite all the troubles and hopes of our enemies, new Ukrainians are born into the world. Our little patients need medical care, and we all dream that it will be no worse than in other countries of the world. That is why we teach and learn together.

We decided not to postpone the direct meeting with each other until “after the war”, but, of course, we will keep the opportunity to connect online for those who cannot participate in person. For those who will be able to get to Lviv, we are preparing proposals for active learning – not only with just your mind, but also with the hands-on learning.

Yes, this year we have decided that PRIME Pediatrics 2023 will be held in the city named after Lev. Of course, first of all because of security, but also, of course, with a feeling of love for this city.

We found a location with a bomb shelter and the possibility of high-quality, modern support for holding such events. We have not only a place for meeting, but also a great desire to talk about Pediatrics.

The Pre-Congress will be entirely devoted to emergency medicine, rehabilitation, palliative care and psychological support, given the emergency situation in the country due to the Russian invasion.

The main part of the Congress, as always, will consist of sections organized by committees, associations and organizations that are part of the UAPS. Therefore, we will be able to discuss issues of intensive care, pediatric pulmonology, allergology, immunology, vaccination, gastroenterology, nutritiology, endocrinology, rheumatology, cardiology, hematology, rare diseases, oncology, traumatology… This is not the entire list, because the program is still filling up.

The multidisciplinary PRIME PEDIATRICS 2023, as always, opens doors for pediatricians, general practitioners and narrow specialists.

As in previous years, the Congress has the highest level of international accreditation and takes place with the official support of the European Academy of Pediatrics.

We are doing a great job of developing pediatrics in our country together. We wish happy and healthy future for the children of Ukraine. We invite everyone to join our community.

Chairman of the UAPS board,
Maryna Mamenko.