Association of Pediatric Surgery Specialists of Ukraine

We are glad to welcome you on the official website of our public organization.
Сподіваємось, що наша організація, зможе об'єднати професіоналів свого діла і відновить теплі та дружні стосунки. Впевнені, що ми станемо командою, яка зробить нашу медичну Україну кращою.

Why should I become a member?

In order to become a member of the team of Ukrainian expert community of professionals, to take a direct part in the work of the organization and worthily represent the interests of Ukrainian pediatric surgery in the international arena.
In order to receive information about all events organized by the association and partner organizations, and to have a discount when registering for them.
In order to feel the support of colleagues, to be able to on-line consult leading specialists in various fields and together create a modern face of domestic surgery.
In order to receive the legal protection and legal advice that a doctor must have in today's world.
In order to create a single information space and be the first to learn about the main events in the professional field around the world.
In order to have a quality continuing education and continuous professional development, which will allow you to easily form your annual professional portfolio.
Practical Pediatric Surgery
On June 4-5, 2021 was performed the First International Professional School for Pediatric Surgical Specialties "Practical Pediatric Surgery". The first day of school was divided into three sections: pediatric orthopedics-traumatology, pediatric surgery and pediatric urology. At each section, leading experts in the field made presentations, acquainting the audience with the latest advances in pediatric surgery. Virtually each of the reports ended with a discussion, and upon completion of the reports, participants had the opportunity to communicate with the speakers in person. On the second day of the event, numerous trainings and master classes were held: ultrasound diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, pleural cavity drainage, laparoscopy, fracture treatment, treatment of congenital clubfoot, as well as a cadaver course.
The whole event was held in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with wishes to necessarily meet next year again.
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Натискаючи на кнопку, Ви даєте згоду на обробку персональних даних та погоджуєтеся з політикою конфіденційності